Think about ocean waves crashing onto a sandy beach or about a ship out in the ocean moving up and down on the waves like a roller coaster. What do you think causes waves in the ocean? Does the ocean water move or only the wave itself? Why are some waves big and some small. Why do waves get bigger as they come into the shore? Why do waves rollover and crash on the beach?


See if you can find the answers to these and questions of your own above waves by doing these investigations. These investigations can get a bit messy so be sure to do this in a place that won't be damaged by water.


What you need:


 What you do:


To explore the question about whether it's the wave or the water that moves, do the following:


Why do ocean waves seem to get bigger and rollover when the crash into the shore?



Still have questions about waves? How are they measured? Why do they rollover and crash ont the shore? Does wind cause tsunamis? See if you can find answer to these and other questions of your own about ocean waves.


Here's a place to start learning more about ocean waves: Crow's Nest: The Power of Waves