This Venn diagram investigation is a great way to introduce the topic and explore existing knowledge and misconceptions. It's a starting point for additional learning. Be sure to have some additional resources, maps, and globes about the polar regions available for you students to explore.   


You might want to take some of the items out of play depending on the grade and/or knowledge level of your students. Laminate the items and the diagrams for reuse and to save on printing. Have your students work in teams. Consider allowing your students to bring in more pictures of items they want to include as well.  


This investigation can be repeated at the end of your polar investigations to see what more they have learned. Combining all of the items from polar land, water, air and livings things into one giant polar Venn diagram could be a great way to bring all of your students' learning together at the end.


Don't be surprised if there are some disagreements about items like volcanoes, tundra and others that are upon initial investigation and based on the e-book content sorted into only the Arctic or Antarctic sections. More advanced students could be required to defend their placement of the items and support them with references as well.


Answer Keys for all polar Venn diagrams:

Polar Air Venn Diagram Key

Polar Land Venn Diagram Key

Polar Living Things Venn Diagram Key

Polar Water Venn Diagram Key


Polar Questions: