The Arctic and Antarctic sit at opposite ends of the Earth. In some ways they are the same and in other ways they are different.


This investigation uses a tool called a Venn Diagram. Venn diagrams are two circles that overlap. The diagrams are used to sort items that are different about two things and items that are the same about two things. The part of the circle on the right is for Antarctic items and the part on the left is for Arctic items. The part of the diagram where the two circles overlap is for items that are the same for the Arctic and Antarctic.


Print out the diagram and items sheets.


Work on your own or with your team.

  1. Cut out the items.
  2. Sort the items into the correct parts of the diagram. You might not be able to sort all of the items. See what you can find out about those items and try again. Do the best you can.
  3. When you are ready, you can check you answers here. What you found out may not agree with the key on some Arctic, Antarctic or shared items. There might be more than one way to sort the items. Be ready to explain your placements and provide a resource to back them up.

When you are finished think about these questions:

Polar Water Questions: