Where can you find sand in your neighborhood? In a sandbox, along a stream, creek or lake? In the dirt behind your house? Do you have some sand you brought back from a trip to the beach? Sand is almost everywhere and sand is land that has been broken up and smoothed down into little pieces. But sand can be more than that. Complete this investigation to learn more about ocean sand and sand in your neighborhood.


What you need:


What you do:

Want to see more sand pictures from more places on Earth? You can find a bunch of them here. You can learn more about sand, too.


More Sand Ideas: Can you find more sand in your neighborhood? What about play sand, art sand from the craft store, aquarium sand or sand at the hardware store? Look at more kinds of sand. Make your own sand page with pictures of the sand you collect. Many people and scientists collect sand. Start your own sand collection or take pictures and make your own sand page. What other questions do you have about sand? See if you can find answers to your sand questions.


Extension: Make Your Own Fantasy Sand

What would your perfect beach sand be like? Would it be soft and white?  Black and rocky? Or maybe bright purple with little sparkly stars? Now that you have explored ocean sand and sand where you live, think about what would be the perfect sand on your dream beach.


Draw a picture of your fantasy sand. Better yet, make some by mixing play or art sand with other things you want your sand to have. Put your sand in a little bottle or jar.  Add it to you collection. Write a story about a trip to your dream beach or explain why your fantasy sand looks the way it does. How did it form? Why does it or doesn’t it have pieces of shells mixed in with the bits of rocks?  What kinds of rocks were broken up and worn down to make your sand?


Make a Sand Globe from your fantasy sand.