Build an Ocean Sand Globe

In this investigation students make ocean sand globes. They can work alone, in teams or groups. The theme of their globes could be of their own choosing or assigned. Some ideas for themes include: various ocean habitats, specific ocean animals or animal groups, ocean floor or ocean shores.

Whatever theme approach you take, ask the students to submit a drawing or plan for their globe to you for approval before they begin construction. How about making a globe of your own that you can show them before they begin to help them understand what you expect? You can take one of the topics from your approved list and do a little talk about why you put what you did into your globe.

Materials for Sand Globes:

If students are going to select their own theme and/or gather their own materials here are some things they need to think about:

Assembling the globe:

Once the globes are assembled, have students share their globe in a short presentation.