The goal of this investigation is to have students make as many connections between polar water and polar ice as possible. They should use what they saw in their and each other’s mobiles, books, dioramas, and/or Venn diagrams to complete the following writing prompt: "When I looked at all the polar models and/or pages I saw ice..." 


Grades 3 and 4 could use pages you prepared with the writing prompt "I saw ice..." to generate their responses. (Use the flip book tool to make them or write the prompt on the board).


Grades K-2 could just tell you in a class discussion about all the ways they saw ice in the pictures or models. They could count them or describe them.


This investigation helps students develop answers to these Polar Questions:

  • How are polar land, air, water, and living things connected to polar ice?
  • How would changes in the amount of polar ice change polar land, water and livings things and how are changes in polar ice connected to changes in polar air?