Polar Water in a Shoebox


This investigation is recommended for grades 3-4.


Have your students make polar dioramas. They can work in pairs or teams. They can choose or you can assign either the Arctic water or Antarctic water. This could be assigned as homework or completed during class, but either way, they or you will need some time to gather pictures, print outs, information and other materials to build their dioramas.


For a real challenge, have them divide their boxes in half and use one side to show an Arctic scene and the other side show an Antarctic scene. Some things about North and South polar water are the same and some things are different. Remind them to make sure that their scenes should include some things that are different.


Once the dioramas are completed, have students look at all of the dioramas and discuss all of the things that they find that are the same about polar water and the things they see that are different.


Here are a couple of sites that will help your students build dioramas.

  1. Making a Shoebox Diorama
  2. How to Make a Diorama

Here is list of items and a sheet of item images that you could use if you need to. You might need to sort the items to make them grade level appropriate


Polar Water Questions: