Make Polar Air Mobiles


Have your students make polar living things mobiles. They can work alone, in pairs or in teams. You can have them choose to make Arctic or Antarctic mobiles or assign the type they are to make. You could have two students, student pairs, or two teams join their mobiles together (one Arctic on the top, one Antarctic on the bottom) to make a single polar living things mobile. Remember some things about Arctic and Antarctic living things are the same and some things are different. You could have them make mobiles about specific polar living things or about food webs.


They materials you will need depends on the style of mobiles you choose to make. Here is a site where you can see examples and instructions for different style of mobiles.


No matter what style of mobiles you choose to make, you will need pictures or printouts of polar living things items or you can have your students bring in or draw their own.


Hang the mobiles in your classroom and have the students see what they can learn about polar living things from all the mobiles.


Polar Living Things Questions: