Have your students use what they know and what they can find out about the Arctic and Antarctic to make their own books about polar land. They can make a book simply by cutting and pasting pictures or printouts on pages or drawing their own pictures on pages and then stapling the pages together. You decide what they need to put on the pages and how much writing they are required to do.


Or you can use this cool free tool to make your books. This online flip book tool allows you or your students to create books of up to 10 pages.  Unfortunately, the only way to save the books is to print them out. It has different templates, can create color or black and white pages, allows for text, has a drawing tool, and prints out on standard paper.


If students create their own book online they need to think about the following:

If you are creating and printing template pages for them to work from you could:


Share their books and see what everyone can learn from eachother.


Here is list of items and a sheet of item images that you could use if you need to. You might need to sort the items to make them grade level appropriate.


Polar Land Questions: