Each of the ESSEA K-4 Polar Modules begins with similar investigations. If you are completing all four modules, you might want to do a Venn diagram for one module, a mobile for another module and a polar book for another. The Polar Land module is the only one that has an Edible model investigation.


In grade levels 3 and 4, you could assign Polar Air, Polar Water, Polar Land and Polar Living Things to different groups and have them complete the same type of investigation or different types. Whatever you choose to do, your classroom is sure to be filled to the rafters with polar models the explore the similarities and differences of Earth's polar regions.


 The "The Arctic and Antarctic: Are they the same or are they different?" e-book is included in each module. The additional e-books provide additional information relating to the specific polar topic. Except for the "Want to try a harder one?" e-books, the e-books linked in the module are for grades 2-3. Versions of these books and more polar e-books are available here  for grades 3-4. Scroll down the page to find the e-books referenced in the module.



Some but not all of the information needed to complete the investigations is found in the e-books. You will need to have additional resources available or supplement the information through class discussion of the primary essential question: How are the Arctic and Antarctic alike and how are they different?