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Name Contact Name Email State
A-B-Sea Foundation Rebecca Medvecky [email protected] Florida (FL)
American Geological Institute Ann Benbow [email protected] Virginia (VA)
American Museum of Natural History Robert Steiner [email protected] New York (NY)
California State University Los Angeles Steve LaDochy [email protected] California (CA)
California State University Northridge Gerry Simila [email protected] California (CA)
Catholic University of Chile/Atatacama Desert Center
Challenger Learning Center Rita Karl [email protected]
College of Charleston Cynthia Hall [email protected] South Carolina (SC)
Colorado College Howard Drossman [email protected] Colorado (CO)
East Carolina University Sharon Schleigh [email protected] North Carolina (NC)
Florida Atlantic University Tara Root [email protected] Florida (FL)
Florida State University Paul Ruscher [email protected] Florida (FL)
Ft. Hays State University Paul Adams [email protected] Kansas (KS)
Georgia Southern University Dr. Alejandro Gallard [email protected] Georgia (GA)
GLOBE Colorado (CO)
Hampton University Dianne Robinson [email protected] Virginia (VA)
Loyola University Chicago David Slavsky [email protected] Illinois (IL)
Marshall University Tina Cartwright [email protected] West Virginia (WV)
Montana State University Lisa Brown [email protected] Montana (MT)
Morehead State University Jennifer O'Keefe [email protected] Kentucky (KY)
National Hispanic University Shondricka Burrell [email protected] California (CA)
New Mexico State University Susan Brown [email protected] New Mexico (NM)
Northern Michigan University Mitchell Klett [email protected] Michigan (MI)
Palmyra Cove Nature Park John Moore [email protected] New Jersey (NJ)
Plymouth State University Dr. Mark Turski [email protected] New Hampshire (NH)
PRI/ Museum of the Earth/ Cornell University Carlyn Buckler [email protected] New York (NY)
San Jose State University Paula Messina [email protected] California (CA)
Scripps Institution / UCSD Cheryl Peach [email protected] California (CA)
Seattle Pacific University Michael Witiw [email protected] Washington (WA)
Southern Connecticut State University Dr. Scott Graves [email protected] Connecticut (CT)
SUNY - Oneonta James Ebert [email protected] New York (NY)
Tarleton State University Paige Worrell [email protected] Texas (TX)
TEST OGANIZATION 1 ORG TEST LAST 1 [email protected] Colorado (CO)
Texas A&M University - Texarkana David Allard [email protected] Texas (TX)
Texas Southern University Bob Ford [email protected] Texas (TX)
University of Alabama Sharon E. Nichols [email protected] Alabama (AL)
University of Alaska Patricia Heiser [email protected] Alaska (AK)
University of Arizona Julia Olsen [email protected] Arizona (AZ)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln David Gosselin [email protected] Nebraska (NE)
University of Nebraska - Omaha Neal Grandgenett [email protected] Nebraska (NE)
University of New Mexico Matthew Nyman [email protected] New Mexico (NM)
University of North Alabama William Strong [email protected] Alabama (AL)
University of Oklahoma Kevin Kloesel [email protected] Oklahoma (OK)
University of Tennessee, Martin Lionel Crews [email protected] Tennessee (TN)
University of Texas at Brownsville Janice Butler Janice Butler Texas (TX)
University of Texas at Tyler Michael Odell [email protected] Texas (TX)
University of Toledo/ Central State University Kevin Czajkowski [email protected] Ohio (OH)
University of Wyoming Tim Slater [email protected] Wyoming (WY)
Utah State University Blair Larsen [email protected] Utah (UT)
Western Governors University Stan Schmidt [email protected] Utah (UT)
Western Kentucky University Fred Siewers [email protected] Kentucky (KY)
Wheeling Jesuit University Laurie Ruberg [email protected] West Virginia (WV)
Wright State University Dr. William Slattery [email protected] Ohio (OH)

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