This project requires the cooperation and action of your students' families. Or you could focus on the junk mail that comes to your school. To make a real difference, you'll need to get the families or the school staff involved. You will need to make them aware of the problems with junk mail and talk about what they are willing to do to help you to either recycle more of it or reduce the amount of it that comes to their houses or your school. Either way, you need to get started on the collection part of this investigation at least 1 week before you introduce it to your students. You also need to decide what your students are going to do to share what they learned (see that section below). Measuring your success will take more than a week.


If you're not willing to take actions to stop your own junk mail, then don't expect your students' families or your fellow staff members to either.


Here's a Today Show video that you can watch to get a quick idea of what is involved. Sorry about the advertising. Junk mail quick facts.


Collect and Sort:

Make a Plan:

Measure Your Success:

Share What You Have Learned: