Do you have an Energy Patrol at your school?


The Energy Patrol program was designed by Tuscon Electric Power. The program enlists students to identify energy waste in their schools by patrolling the hallways looking for empty classrooms with the lights on and other energy-wasting practices. Depending on individual school rules and energy management systems, students can also close exterior doors, report inappropriate thermostat settings, leaky faucets and more. Even if you don’t live in Arizona, starting an Energy Patrol at your school will save money and help protect Earth’s land, water, air and living things.


Use the Teachers Guide to plan your own patrol. Start with your classroom, have your students share what they learned through a bulletin board display and get the rest of your school involved. You could also have your students be energy patrolmen at home. Use this take-home survey to get them started talking with their families about how they can save energy at home. Check with your local electric company, they might sponsor similar programs.


Here are a couple additional energy saving project resources from the National Energy Education Development project (NEED):