Maybe your students know the names of all of the characters from the movie. Maybe they know that Nemo is a clownfish. But what is Dory? She’s a Regal Blue Tang. What is Peach? She’s a starfish. Some of Nemo’s friends are fish and some are marine invertebrates, like Peach. Some of the ocean living things in the movie don’t have character names. There are whales, corals, seeweed and anemones. There are tuna, sea urchin and jellyfish.  There are pelicans and sea gulls, too.


What do you want your students to know about the living things in Nemo’s ocean? What do they want to know?


Working alone, in teams or in groups have your students find out where the real Nemo and his friends live, what they eat and more. You could pick one character. You could pick a group of characters, like sharks or rays. You could focus on seahorses, corals or anemones. You focus on the marine plants that were part of the scenes in the movie.


Here are a couple of websites to help you and your students get started and find Nemo and his friends.