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What is an ESSEA Associate?

ESSEA Associates are organizations involved in geoscience teacher education and/or professional development (pre-service or in-service). There is a mutual benefit from an associate’s association with ESSEA (e.g., associates may use the online courses in their teacher education programs; associates would provide ESSEA with access to their Earth system science resources and projects, etc.). These organizations will have the following benefits:

  • Access to the ESSEA courses – including the ability to set up and administer courses, and create new modules.
  • Training in ESSEA course instruction.
  • Participation at annual ESSEA conferences 
  • Access to the ESSEA network (through annual conferences, the program Web site, listserve, etc.)

ESSEA Associates will be expected to provide data to IGES and the ESSEA program evaluator regarding how they use ESSEA (e.g., feedback on how ESSEA is being use in their education programs, enrollment and retention statistics for ESSEA courses, etc.).

Apply to be an ESSEA Associate.

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