Taking a Bite Out of Polar Land


"Who wants to take a bite out of Antarctica?" "We all do!"

Want to do something different than a diorama or a poster for your polar land project? Why not make edible models of land masses: Arctic tundra, Antarctic sea and ice, and/or one representing your area? Want to do all three? Get a couple of your classmates together and work as a team! Yes, you'll need a grownup to help you, but it will be worth it on project presentation day.

Antarctic Sea and Ice – Go to Edible Antarctica for complete instructions and a picture. To make this simpler, use colored or white marshmallows for the icebergs (you can ice several together to make bigger ones) and blueberry JELLO Jiggers® for the ocean. Adding chocolate chunks to represent rocks is recommended. Have fun with this. How about using ice cream cakes or freezing your model when it's done? Be creative, but be sure to include a penguin!

Arctic Tundra – Use your imagination, but include some water, icebergs and a couple of Arctic animals. Don't forget a polar bear! Build it in a jelly roll pan or casserole dish.

Local Model – Do your own thing.


If you want to impress your classmates and your teacher, be ready to answer these questions:


Polar Land Questions:

Level: K-4

Difficulty: Beginner