One weather measurement scientists use when they are studying climate is precipitation. The amount of precipitation is a climate indicator. Precipitation is a weather indicator, too. The difference is that the amount of precipitation for many more days are looked at for climate than weather. It takes as many as 10 years of precipitation amounts to describe climate.


In this investigation you will look at percipitation for just 3 years of special days, your family's birthdays. You will use your family's birthday weather information to build columns of colored sand. The columns will be precipitation profiles (a bit like bar graphs) that show if it was wet or dry on your family's birthdays every month for the last 3 years. You will build monthly columns, then yearly columns and finally your family climate column.



What You Need:


What You Do: This looks harder than it is. Just do things step by step and take your time.


Part I: Find That Info


Part II: Build Your Monthly Sand Columns


 Part III: Build Your Year Sand Columns


 Part IV: Build Your Family Climate Profile

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