If you were asked about the weather for today.
It would be easy to find the words you might say.
"It's sunny and warm." "It's cloudy with rain."
Or "I'm in shorts and t-shirt."  might be enough to explain.


But if you were asked about your neighborhood's climate
You might have trouble finding words to describe it.
Would  "It's usually dry.", "It's always very hot."
Or "It's cold and quite snowy." be enough for your spot?


If you asked me how to tell climate and weather apart.
I'd tell you that time is the best place to start.
Weather is shorter. It's recent or right now.
Climate takes much longer to figure out, but how?


Weather and climate and climate and weather.
They are a bit different and yet work together.
They give you a picture of what it's like where you live.
But what else can you learn from the info they give?