There aren’t many ocean living things that you can keep as a pet in your classroom. Hermit crabs are one relatively inexpensive and sustainable choice. In this investigation your students learn about land hermit crabs. They use what they learn to help you decide whether a hermit crab would be a good classroom pet.  



The hermit crabs that most people keep as pets are land hermit crabs. Marine hermit crabs are similar to land hermit crabs but live in the ocean. Build on what your students learned about hermit crabs and explore the habitat, habits and varieties of marine hermit crabs. Here’s a good place to start learning more about hermit crabs.

Don’t want to get roped into having a hermit crab in your classroom? Borrow one from a student or a friend. Bring it into your classroom and see what your students want to know about it. Have your students make a drawing or write a story, poem or song about hermit crabs. Younger students could simply be asked to draw what they think the part of the crab inside the shell looks like. The depth and detail required is up to you. Hermit crabs are a great way to introduce tidal pool habitats. Older students could be asked to find out what else might live with a hermit crab in a tidal pool.


Looking for something else to do about hermit crabs?